Ahh, the old Game Genie, good times to be had by all.  This little beauty really brought back some of the classics, making them feel like brand new games.  I remember the first thing I did with the game genie is plug in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES Nintendo and proceded to run through the game.  For some reason I was horrible at that game, I mean really horrible.  The Game Genie was the only thing there to save me.  With the availability of codes on the internet, this little baby will help you through all your troubles.  It was simple to use, insert a cartridge, which made a sound like you were grinding metal, and insert into the system, then a screen came up before the games title screen allowing you to enter codes and cheat your way to victory.  I mean there are games out there that should have been PACKAGED with the Game Genie, Adventures of Bayou Billy and Ghost’s and Goblins come to mind.  Some of the fun things you could do with a Game Genie included 

  • Infinite lives
  • Infinite or free items
  • Protection from certain elements of the game
  • Stat adjustments for RPG games
  • Infinite continues
  • Level skipping
  • And last but not least the ability to win Silver Surfer, the god awful hardest game I’ve even had the displeasure of playing

The Game Genie, which was released by Galoob had its share of pro’s and con’s as many gamers found out.  Obviously the advantage of tweaking a game is a huge upside.  One great feature alot of gamers appreciate was the ability to play games without blowing the game, or doing whatever it took to fire up that title screen.  You see, since you pretty much needed 20 lbs of pressure to get the game into the Game Genie, it made a great connection and allowed alot of otherwise “hard to get to play games” work.  I had more than one friend that used it solely for that purpose.  All you had to do was get the vicegrips and pull the two apart and insert your next pain in the ass game.  It was found though since the Game Genie stuck out and you couldn’t depress the games it caused stress on the pins to the point the Game Genie took over your system and you NEEDED it to play your games.  Poor design or good marketing, you decide.

Of course the NES Nintendo Game Genie came with a little booklet, I remember flipping through it hoping to find my game, but alas it was not listed.  With the advent of the internet, this problem has gone away as codes are readily available (I have compiled a couple lists at the bottom of my page).  Back in the day though you had to wait for the updated book, which came along about as often as christmas.  Another little problem that irritated some of us was the 3 wish scheme.  You see, you could only enter three codes, and depending on the code you were using it might just suck up all three of your wishes (see allowing level 1 characters to use magic in final fantasy).  So alot of times you were stuck choosing between making the game really easy or just modifying it enough to justify the fact you weren’t cheating.  I liked going for the latter.

Heres a little list of games that were previously damn near impossible but found their way back into my heart thanks to little “modifications”.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2. Yo Noid! (yes, I said it)
  3. The Karate Kid
  4. Battle Toads
  5. Double Dragon III
  6. Megaman

Im not so sure about Megaman, I just like playing a quick painless game sometimes. 

So if you like cheating a bit and don’t mind building up your muscles to seperate and reinsert the NES Nintendo game cartridges, and don’t mind having the use the Game Genie for the life of your NES Nintendo, save a new 72-pin, then this product is for you. 

I had stated earlier I composed a couple little lists which started innocent enough and turned into me scouring the internet for every code I could find.  I found in my initial searching that alot of lists weren’t as complete as they could be so I combined a couple goods lists into these little gems. Click on the links, quick .pdf download and enjoy.

NES Nintendo Game Genie Codes

SNES Super Nintendo Game Genie Codes